Corporate Accountability

The Problem: The privately owned banks (“the money cartel”) that control the world’s currencies and money supply have leveraged their power to acquire many of the world’s largest corporations. These corporations, in turn, use their economic and political resources to further subjugate nations. Through control of the executive, legislative, and judicial bodies of nations around the world, these corporations have usurped and transferred the rights of individuals to themselves. Through their commitment to their own endless growth and profiteering, these corporations have imperiled human health and welfare and the biosphere as a whole.

Proposed Solutions:

  • In addition to monetary, electoral, and media reform, reconfigure the laws governing the operations of corporations to serve the interests of sustainability and egalitarianism. See
  • Assist web-based media campaigns showing that the common denominator behind most of our current crises is the vast wealth and power of the money cartel and the large corporations that they control.
  • Direct more activist energy toward understanding and confronting the origins and extent of corporate influence. See story on the constitutional amendment, proposed in Vermont, to end corporate personhood: Link to article.
  • Actively back candidates pledging to redirect current corporate subsidies to small businesses, community banks, family farms, and other human-scale entities that support democratization, self-sufficiency, and local control.
  • Support all movements and actions to accelerate the localization/decentralization of our banking, agriculture, media, commerce, and energy supplies.
  • Start or help citizen campaigns to rewrite the laws governing corporate charters to increase their transparency and eliminate their ability to override and/or influence sovereign nations, states, regional governments, and local governments.

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