Media Accountability

The Problem: Large banks and corporations have leveraged their economic and political power to gut laws governing concentration of ownership and control of the media to the point that a diversity of voices no longer exists.

Proposed Solutions:

  • The concentration of most U.S. media in the hands of a few corporations and the influence of interventions by governmental intelligence agencies controlled by these corporations increasingly resembles what happened to the press in Nazi Germany. After World War II the Allies decentralized German Media. Similarly, current ownership and concentration of the U.S. media should be returned to the spirit of the 1934 Communications Act. That Act limited each corporation from owning more than 7 TV stations, 7 Am radio stations, and 7 FM radio stations. It also specified that each media owner could reach a maximum of 34 percent of the U.S. population with its combined media outlets.
  • “Be the media” suggests perhaps the most important, empowering, and ultimately effective range of actions to displace control of the flow of information away from the official propaganda machine. This is enabled by the ever-growing number of web-based platforms for collecting and disseminating information, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, which have enabled “citizen journalism” to become a potent force. Beware, though, that these apps are controlled by the corporate banking pyramid: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations.
  • Use the Internet as a source of news and information. Go to and get your daily news roundup online. Sign up with media watchdog organizations such as
  • Resist legislative action to censor the internet.
  • Continue to utilize the opportunities that still exist in the mainstream media. These include submitting Op-Ed page articles and letters to the editor to newspapers, and story ideas to radio and TV assignment editors.
  • Outlaw secret censorship, manufacture, and control of news by governments, especially by intelligence agencies.
  • Follow or subscribe to any mainstream or alternative media outlet that displays honesty and courage in investigating the root causes of society’s problems.
  • Call to account both mainstream and so-called “alternative media” that refuse to raise questions about the anomalies, absurdities, impossibilities, and contradictions of the official story about 9/11.

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