Mission Statement

“The Declaration of Accountability” is a Bill of Grievances detailing the unlawful acts of some of the most powerful governments in the world.

We are dedicated to inspiring, galvanizing, and supporting actions of legal accountability around the world for the unlawful acts of governments that have ceased to serve the will of the people and instead serve the interests of elites who deem themselves above the rule of law. We also encourage local groups to organize tribunals to investigate issues that the courts refuse to hear.

Our goal is to stem and reverse the increasingly bold actions of powerful elites who commit crimes with impunity against their own citizens and citizens of other countries for profit and self-aggrandizement. Our efforts are a part of a growing and evolving international quest for truth, justice, and peace through the enlightened enforcement of the rule of law. We support these international efforts with this educational website, and we resolve to thwart the degeneration of democratic societies into virtual slave colonies for the benefit of interlocking corporate, financial, and political elites–sometimes known as the “deep state.”

Since the drafters of this Declaration are citizens of the U.S. and Canada, we realize that there are likely issues in other countries that we have not addressed. We want your voice to be heard so others can benefit from your experience. Therefore, we encourage citizens of all countries to create their own Declaration, using the one at this site as a model, if so desired. Our editorial board will review it for possible posting.

Ultimately, we envision and support a world in which all nations, including the most powerful, live together as a community of prosperous and sovereign nations, which democratically solve world problems. We believe that if citizens are served by an honest media and by genuine governmental representation, the wisdom of these informed and empowered citizens will gravitate toward decisions that support greater democracy and transparency in government, peace in the world, and a planet rich in species and supportive of the health of all.

We therefore call upon organizations and peoples of all nations to take all possible legal actions to these ends.